In That Day

by Josh Yeoh

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Josh's sophomore project introduces 13 songs, all birthed in the Prayer Room, "In That Day" is a worship album that centers on the revelation of Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge. The album features well-loved tracks from Josh like "Where You Are" and "Desire Of Every Nation", and many new and original songs that will usher you into His presence and ignite a deeper longing for the Day when we see Him face to face.


released December 10, 2011

Josh Yeoh: lead and background vocals; piano; keys
Joseph Lam: acoustic guitar; bass; drums; additional electric guitar
Joseph Lim: electric guitars
Carolyn Boin: vocals on “How We Long”
Bernice Jesudasan : vocals on “There Will Be A Day / Garden”
Matt Swanton: synth, sequencing and random noises on “In That Day”
Rashika Gomez: cello on “The Bridegroom King”
PenHOP Family: additional vocals on “Segala Kemuliaan”

Album Artwork: Evan Olsen @ inkblotmediagroup

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Josh Yeoh Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Josh is a worshiper who is privileged to write and make music for the One who is worthy. He enjoys cluster chords, bell tones, and paraprosdokians.

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Track Name: Prepare The Way
Isa. 40:3-5; Mal. 4:6

I hear the voice of one crying out in the wilderness
Prepare the way for the risen Lord
For the time is drawing near
For the Bridegroom to appear
When the hearts of the fathers are turned to the hearts of their sons

And I know that every valley will be lifted up
And every mountain and hill will be made low
Say to those who are fearful hearted
Be strong and do not fear
For our God will return, our King is coming again

Prepare the way, prepare the way
For the Bridegroom to come back
For the King to return
Prepare the way, prepare the way
For the Day of His coming
For His reign on the earth

Oh God we anticipate that glorious day
When all flesh will see Your glory with unveiled face
When every thing in heaven and earth
Will bow and proclaim Your matchless worth
Oh God of heaven we await Your coming again

Split the sky, Lord we cry
Split the sky and come back
Track Name: You Are Beautiful
1 Tim. 1:17; Psa. 45:2

Now to the King eternal
To the God immortal
To the One invisible
The only wise God

Forever be honor and glory to You

You are beautiful, You are wonderful
And You’re fairer than the sons of men
Fairer than the sons of men
Jesus You’re beautiful, You are wonderful
And You’re faithful to the end

Faithful Witness, King of earth and heaven
He’s the Light, the Lion and the Lamb
Root of David, Bright and Morning Star
Beginning and the End, the Great I AM
Track Name: Song Of The Lamb
Rev. 1:12-14; 5:13

In the midst of the throne
Stands One like the Son of Man
Clothed in light He stands
The perfect Lamb
His head and hair were as white as wool
As white as snow
His eyes were flames of fire
The spotless Lamb

And all the earth will join with heaven
To sing the song of the Lamb

I can hear heaven’s symphony
Resounding in worship
To the Lamb who was slain

Blessing, honor, glory and power
Be to Him who sits on the throne forever
And we worship You, we worship You
King of Kings, Lord of Lords
Track Name: Where You Are
Jn. 17:24; Psa. 84:10; Psa. 27:4

This will be our song, this will be our plea
That as we rend our hearts and bow our knees
You’d restore intimacy

You will be our God, You will be our King
And as we consecrate our lives to You
We give You everything

We can feel You drawing us to You
We can feel You drawing us to You

We want to be with You where You are
To be with You where You are always
For a day in Your house is a better than a thousand days elsewhere

The one thing I ask, the one thing I desire
The one thing I ask is to be with You, to be with You
Track Name: Love You Rightly
Eph. 1:17-19; Psa. 43:3-4

I want to see You for who You really are
I want to move Your heart
I want to know You for who You really are
And to love You rightly God
And to love You rightly God

Send Your light and truth
Let them lead me to Your holy tabernacle
And I will go up to the altar of my God
To my exceeding joy

This is what I was created for
To love You and be loved by You

I want to love You rightly God
I want to love You rightly God
Track Name: Desire Of Every Nation
Hab. 2:14; Mal. 1:11; Isa. 64:1; Heb. 12:26-27

And Your glory will cover the earth
Like the waters cover the seas
And all peoples will bow at Your throne
In that day, Lord haste the day

Let Your name be great among the peoples
In every place praise be raised to Your name
Let Your fame be proclaimed among the nations
In that day, Lord haste the day

Rend the heavens and come down

The desire of every nation is Jesus
The desire of every heart is God’s own Son
Fill the earth with the praises of Jesus
‘til every nation, tribe and tongue worships the Son

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken
So everything that will remain remains

Hallelujah to the Lamb that was slain
Track Name: I Will Go For You
Jn. 4:35; Eze. 22:30; Isa. 6:8; Eph. 6:19

The fields are ready for harvest
But the laborers are few
So we pray to the Lord of the harvest
Who will go for You?
Who will go for You?

Let it not be said that You
Could not find someone who would
Willingly take up the cross and follow You

Here I am, send me
I will go for You where You lead me

That utterance may be given to me
That I may open up my mouth and boldly
Make known the mystery of the gospel of Jesus

My life is not my own
My life is not my own
Track Name: Fairer Than (Interlude)
SoS 5:10

You are fairer than the sons of men
You are the chief among ten thousand
You are beautiful, how I love You
Track Name: The Bridegroom King
Psa. 45:1-2; SoS 8:6; SoS 1:2

My heart overflows with love for only You
The King who is fair
My song will always be concerning You
The fairest among all men

How I love You, how I love You
How I love You, You are the Bridegroom King

My eyes are undistracted as a dove’s
For You, the One I love
Set me as a seal upon Your heart
With love as strong as death

Come and kiss me with the kisses of Your Word
You love me so well
Kiss me with the kisses of Your Word
And I am ruined for anything less
Track Name: How We Long
Matt. 25:1-13; Luke 18:8; Rev. 22:17

You’ve been gone for a long, long time
We’ve been waiting through this dark, dark night
And though the Bridegroom delays still we’ll fast and pray
With hearts awakened, waiting for the Day

How You have been waiting for a long, long time
The reward of Your suffering, a spotless Bride

How we long for You to come
How we ache for You to come, Lord
Jesus come, Lord

Don’t wait any longer, You’ll find
You’ll find faith in Your Bride
Don’t look any farther to find
You’ll find a lovesick Bride here

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come”
We say, “Come Lord Jesus”
Track Name: There Will Be A Day / Garden
Rev. 21:4, 23; Rev. 22

There will be a day
When You will wipe away
Every tear from our eyes
And there will be no night
For You will be the light
That we see with unveiled eyes

With You in the garden
By the river of water of life
I’ll stay here

You’re my desire, my tree of life
How my heart yearns for communion